Airport 101

I have a Master’s in whining, so I shouldn’t be talking, but I’m going to take a moment out of my day to share my airport pet peeves with you! I love airports. I love being in an airport. I don’t, however, love when people can’t function normally in an airport environment. Let me unleash!

  1. The complainer that can’t grasp the fact that his flight is delayed. I used “his” to be PC, but I’ve seen men and women alike do this: Have you ever seen someone stare at the display board at their gate and when they learn their flight is delayed, they roll their eyes or just completely lose it and walk away in frustration? Where are you going? Your flight’s still gonna take off from here….Another classic move is calling someone to vent about how traumatic their delay is. People act as if a delay in traveling is abnormal and that the world might end if they reach their destination at 2pm instead of….are you ready? 1 pm! The horror! *Cue scary music*
  2. The passenger that can’t fathom the fact that mechanical issues occur. I get it, your airplane should be safe. But so should your car, and yet you sometimes find yourself on the shoulder with a flat tire, frantically calling AAA! Airplanes have a gazillion more parts, and naturally require more maintenance. The next time you’re delayed due to a mechanical issue, just be thankful the issue was detected during pre-flight not while in flight 😊
  3. The late traveler that runs through check-in and security. Typically, travelling is a planned event. This means that you know about the trip in advance and should probably allot ample time to check in and go through security without trying to cut everyone in line or guilt them into letting you squeeze through. I’m super nice about letting people through, but come on people! Get it together or you can board the hot mess express with a one-way ticket!
  4. The businessman whose business will fail if he doesn’t continue that work call. Have you ever been at a gate and found yourself  sitting next to the person clearly taking a work call and wants everyone to know? Go talk in a corner dude! No one cares about your work and what you do. And stop talking loudly on purpose, we aren’t in a conference call with you…unless you want me to be, and then I can chip in and let your boss know how obnoxious you are 😊

    Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
    Just a tired passenger napping. This didn’t make my list, totally acceptable. Nothing to see here.
  5. That passenger that takes it out on the gate agents. This makes me furious. Yes, an Air Traffic delay should totally prompt you to rudely talk to your gate agent and throw a fit about how inconvenienced you are. NOT. Man, an airport really showcases which humans were and weren’t taught manners.
  6. The person in pajamas. Simply stated, I’m not a fan of when people roll up to the airport in pjs. I think it’s gross and I believe you shouldn’t look so unkempt at an airport– or maybe just not show up anywhere in sleeping attire. I know many will disagree with me, but sorry not sorry. You may want to make this aircraft your home away from home but I don’t need the obvious remind that I’m sharing close space with you. Remember the days when people dressed up to fly? Back when traveling was glamorous. Now I’m not suggesting wearing heels to your flight (I’d rather you not blow out the emergency slide if you go before me), but dress well– Your pilots and flight attendants are professional in uniforms! Sometimes people look like they walked out of the Walking Dead set, I guess just avoid that scenario.

    Casually taking a selfie in Seoul Incheon Airport. Also acceptable.
  7. Folks that still don’t know how to handle going through security. I almost feel bad for some people when they quite visibly struggle through security, but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you should know what will be thrown out and what won’t. Your glass Snapple bottle…gonna be thrown out. Your chai latte…gonna be thrown out. Your full-sized bottle lotion…gonna get thrown out. Your gun….gonna get you arrested. And you should take your belt off…because you know, the TSA agent doesn’t remind us 500 times or anything.

Yeah yeah yeah I know there are exceptions, emergencies, late arrival-connections, etc, you are forgiven in my book if that’s the case…Well, airports are my favorite place so felt the need to share what goes through my mind when I’m traveling through them and what makes me laugh/furious! What are your pet peeves?!

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
OBV so happy that I’m at an airport…#DORK

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