Travel essentials Pt.1

Although it’s a work in progress, I’m slowly learning the art of traveling light. I now look back on times where I would pack 7 outfits for 2 day trips, but that number has gone down to maybe 4…Hey, I said WORK-IN-PROGRESS! Also, the less I travel with, the more I realize how much I don’t need the excess baggage.

I’m sharing with you a few things I pack on most of my trips. I’ve set links to products I use that aren’t generic.

  1. Scarf. I ALWAYS carry a scarf on any trip whether the destination is known to be extremely hot or freezing cold. Scarves are lightweight and perfect for airports when it gets chilly and I find carrying a jacket too heavy or bulky. On the plane, I use the scarf and the airline’s blanket and I’m good! Plus, the right scarf can make a casual airport outfit look chic!
  2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I only recently started using moisturizer (don’t kill me). This one is perfect because my skin is super dry and it helps keep it hydrated without making it look too oily. The travel size is perfect and compact.
  3. Notebook. I usually use my notebook to write things I want to remember about a trip but also as a backup in case my phone ever fails or if I lose it. Before a trip, I write down addresses of places I want to go to and things I want to see. Always trust a hard copy.
  4. Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender. I use a dime size of the product and run it through damp hair if I’m running out the door with wet hair or I’ll put some on after I straighten my hair. It makes my hair smell  good and smooths out flyaways. LP
  5. Universal Travel Adapter. Needless to say my phone needs juice. You can find one on Amazon or at any tech store.
  6. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera. This is new on my list, but I like it because when you travel abroad and meet new people, you can take a photo with them or of them and just have it printed immediately to give them! Who wouldn’t appreciate that? I got mine at Urban Outfitters but you can also get one on Amazon or Target.fuji
  7. OLEHENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation. I use this as a night moisturizer when I sleep or when I’m on the airplane. This one’s different from the Clinique one because it’s lighter on the skin, oil-free and helps improve the look of dark spots and discoloration. They’ve changed the container since I bought it last year, but the product is the same.OH
  8. A passport holder. Not only do my passport covers (I have multiple) protect my passport, but I like my passport to be bulky so that it’s easier to find in my purse! The struggle of owning and loving large purses…
  9. Perfume. I carry sample size perfume in my purse so that I don’t have to check in a heavy bottle in my bag and TSA allows the travel sized ones. I actually value the sample size ones more than a big bottle these days for that sole reason!
  10. Maybelline Lipstick Creamy Matte. I’ve spent a lot on expensive lipsticks, but this one is my ultimate favorite. It’s matte without making me look like death (some mattes totally do that!!), and it stays on long, is creamy and doesn’t dry out your lips! My fav color is Touch of Spice. I’ve literally gotten two hours of sleep while traveling and applied this color and managed to look somewhat awake and decent. HIGHLY recommend.May

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